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Specifications BBQ Fire Pit Grill

  • The height of the BBQ plate is 81.5 cm. / with wheels 91.5 cm.
  • Height of the BBQ grill grate is 11.2 cm. There is a 10 cm. opening for fuel.
  • When placed on grass or gravel, the version without a base plate can be used. For tiles and other solid surfaces, we recommend a base plate with adjustable feet or wheels.
  • Total BBQing area 0.64 m2. Opening in the middle is 35 x 35 cm.
  • The BBQ plate and grate require regular oiling approx. every 2 weeks - otherwise completely maintenance free. Can remain outside all year round.
  • In time, a thin layer of oil will build up on the BBQ plate and grate. This creates a non-stick surface that also helps retain the aroma of meat and spices.
  • The BBQ plate reaches different temperature zones. The hottest is towards the middle. Heated with good quality solid fuel. Ready in 30-60 min.
  • Total weight 115-130 kg.
  • Designprotected.