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Customized - planters, raised beds and retaining walls

Get your planter box, raised bed and retaining wall in the exact dimensions you want

Our calculator will calculate the price of exactly the size you want. This allows you to get planters that are the perfect size for your patio, raised beds that fit well in your garden and retaining walls that fit your project.

Once you have ordered your custom planter box, raised bed or retaining wall, you will receive a 3D drawing of the purchased products for approval before we start production. There will usually be a 2-3 working week delivery time on customized products.

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Our calculator is a tool that makes it easy to calculate prices for customized planters, raised beds and retaining walls. This tool is designed to take into account the various factors that can affect the price of these products, such as size, shape, material and complexity.

The calculator works by having you enter the exact dimensions of the planter box, raised bed or retaining wall you want. It then uses an advanced algorithm to calculate the exact price for that specific product. This enables you to get an accurate price for a custom-made product.

A custom dimension calculator can be a great help if you want to create a unique garden or patio where standard sizes and designs won't fit. It can also be useful if you want to get an accurate idea of the cost of a project before you start. By using a custom dimension calculator, you can avoid disappointments and surprises later in the process as you already have an idea of the cost.

There may be some measurements the calculator won't accept, in which case you can send us an email.

Then try our calculator and get the price of your projects.