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Danish-designed garbage screen

Hide your garbage cans in beautifully designed garbage and recycling screen.

With increasing demands for waste sorting and management, bins are becoming a more visible element of our homes. Our garbage screen from byJEMA turns this necessity into an advantage. The minimalist and stylish design, available in both corten steel and galvanized steel, provides an elegant solution to hide your bins. This maintenance-free garbage screen that lasts for decades can be adapted to any number of bins and surfaces, and even offers options for integrated house numbers and mailboxes.

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Good reasons to choose a steel garbage screen

Investing in a steel outdoor garbage screen has several benefits that can contribute to more hygienic, efficient and aesthetically pleasing waste management. Here are some of the most compelling reasons to buy a steel outdoor garbage screen:

  • Durability: A steel garbage screen is highly durable and weather-resistant, ensuring it can withstand the harsh weather conditions that can occur in outdoor environments. The garbage screen will therefore have a longer lifespan and require less maintenance than garbage screen made from other materials such as wood or plastic.
  • Hygiene: Steel is a non-porous material, making it much easier to clean and disinfect. This means that a steel garbage screen is more hygienic and reduces the risk of spreading bacteria and odors from the waste.
  • Space-saving: A steel garbage screen can have a compact size, allowing it to be placed in places with limited space such as parking lots, courtyards and close to a building.
  • Aesthetics: A steel garbage screen has a sleek and modern look that can enhance the overall appearance of an outdoor environment. It may also be possible to get garbage screen in different colors and designs to suit specific needs and preferences.

All in all, an outdoor steel garbage screen can offer many benefits and contribute to more efficient and aesthetically pleasing waste management in outdoor environments. It can be a good investment for both private and public companies and institutions looking to improve their waste management.

Assortment and models

In our range, we have 2 different materials and several different models, each with their own expression, for you to choose from.

Corten steel and galvanized steel are both popular materials for garbage screen because they are durable and resistant to weather and rust. Corten steel is a special type of steel that is known to develop a patina after exposure to weather. This patina can give a garbage screen a unique and interesting appearance and protects the steel from further rust and erosion.

Galvanized steel is another durable material that is covered in a layer of zinc to protect against rust.

If you choose a garbage screen from byJEMA, you can expect a high-quality product, designed with great care and manufactured with the best materials.