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Good purchases we recomend

Good purchase We recommend:

  • Drip tray - minimizes oil spill on substrate.
  • Lid - covers the grill plate and reduces the need for continuous oiling.
  • Stainless steel palette - scraping food debris and oil into the fire.
  • Stainless steel oil pot.
  • Barbecue gloves in suede.
  • Infrared thermometer
  • Leather apron.


5 good reasons to acquire a bonfire grill.

  1. It's nice to grill: Grilling is a popular way to cook food, and many people enjoy grilling in their spare time. A bonfire grill offers the opportunity to grill in a traditional way, which can be a fun and cozy activity for the whole family or for guests.
  2. It's easy to grill: With a bonfire grill you don't have to think about turning on gas or electricity, as you just have to light a bonfire to start the grill. It makes it easy and convenient to grill, even when on vacation or in the cottage.
  3. It is healthy to grill: Barbecue can be healthy as it often contains fewer calories than foods prepared in other ways. That's because the fat from the meat drips away when grilled.
  4. It's financial: A bonfire grill can be cheaper in acquisition and maintenance than a gas or electric grill. This is because you do not have to pay for gas or electricity when grilling with a bonfire grill.
  5. It is environmentally friendly: A bonfire grill is an environmentally friendly way to grill, as you do not emit harmful gas emissions or consume electricity when grilling with it. It makes it a good choice for those who want to reduce their CO2 emissions