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Article: 6 steps to get your garden ready for spring

6 trin til at gøre haven forårsklar

6 steps to get your garden ready for spring

The light is back, the temperature is rising and it's tempting to get out into the garden. Get our top tips to get your garden ready for spring.

  1. Tidy up your garden  

The garden needs a good spring clean. Rake the lawn of winter's fallen leaves and branches (put it in the compost).

Sweep patios and walkways. Remove old boxes, pots and clutter that has piled up around you and organise your tools. The garden is just like the living rooms in the house - it's much nicer when it's tidy, clean and organised.


  1. Remove weeds 

Start spring weeding your beds, raised beds and planter boxes. The root system of the weeds is not that big yet, so it's easy to get them out.


  1. Divide the perennials

If some of the perennials have grown too big, you can dig them up and divide them. Many vigorous perennials should be divided every three years. Loosen the soil around the root ball, dig up the entire root ball, place it on the ground and cut it with the spade. All these parts of the perennial are now independent plants. Then bury all the rootballs, either together but at a distance, or in new places in the garden, at the same ground level as before. Remember not to let their roots dry out. 


  1. Welcome spring in pots and dishes

One of the most important tasks of spring is to welcome the new season. Fill planters and raised beds with spring flowers to provide pollen for the insects and lovely colours for you to enjoy.


  1. Put water out for birds and animals and make insects happy  

Set out dishes or reflecting pools of water for your garden animals. Birds love a spring bath and both birds and insects are thirsty.


  1. Pamper your plants in raised beds and planters

If you have larger plants in raised beds and planters, small trees, shrubs and large roses, it's important that you pamper them. Plants growing in raised beds or planters are much more dependent on what you provide them with in terms of water, light and nutrition. So if you want to do them good, you can top-dress the raised beds and planter boxes. To do this, remove the top layer of soil in the pots, 5-8 cm, and then fill with new fresh raised bed soil. Water well afterwards. 

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