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Article: The best plants for your steel raised beds

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The best plants for your steel raised beds

Although steel raised beds can look stylish and elegant, it can be challenging to decide which plants are best to grow in them. There are many options to choose from, including herbs, vegetables, flowers, and berries. However, by choosing the right plants, you can create a healthy and productive corten steel or galvanized steel raised bed.

Here are some of the best plants for your steel raised bed:

Herbs: Herbs are one of the best things to grow in a steel raised bed. They do not require much space and can add lots of flavor to your meals. Basil, parsley, rosemary, thyme, and oregano are all good choices. You may also consider planting mint in a separate container as it can spread and take over your raised bed.

Salad and Vegetables: Raised beds are ideal for growing vegetables and salad as they give you full control over soil quality and drainage system. Salad, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, and beans are good choices for your steel raised bed. Remember to place the taller plants at the back of the bed to avoid shading the smaller plants.


Strawberries and berries: Raised beds are also perfect for growing berries such as strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries. They need well-drained soil and plenty of sunlight. Raised beds also protect the berries from pests and weeds.

Succulents: If you want a more decorative raised bed, consider planting succulents. They are easy to care for, require minimal watering, and add a beautiful and unique texture to your garden.


Flowers: Flowers can also be grown in steel raised beds to add color and beauty to your garden. Some good choices include petunias, violas, crocuses, and tulips.

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Once you have decided which plants to grow in your steel raised bed, it's important to prepare the soil correctly. Be sure to fill the raised bed with good quality soil that is rich in nutrients and has good drainage. Consider adding organic fertilizer to help your plants grow. You can read more about soil here.

By choosing the right plants and preparing the soil correctly, you can create a healthy and productive steel raised bed that will provide you with plenty of delicious vegetables, herbs, berries, and flowers.

Having vegetables, herbs, and berries in your garden is beneficial in many ways.
Here are some advantages:

Fresh and healthy produce: When you grow your own vegetables, herbs, and berries, you can be sure they are fresh and healthy without pesticides and other chemicals. Additionally, you can choose to grow organically if that is important to you.

Economically advantageous: Growing your own vegetables, herbs, and berries can be economically advantageous. It is often cheaper to grow your own produce than to buy them at a supermarket.

Better taste: Vegetables, herbs, and berries grown in your own garden often have a better and more intense taste than those you can buy in stores. This is because they have not been transported over long distances and stored for a long time.


Connection to nature: Having a garden with vegetables, herbs, and berries can give you a connection to nature and an understanding of where food comes from. It can also be a relaxing and therapeutic activity to tend to your garden.

Sustainability: By growing your own vegetables, herbs, and berries, you can contribute to sustainability by reducing your carbon footprint and decreasing the need for transportation of food over long distances. It can also reduce waste and extend the shelf life of food.

Overall, gardening with vegetables, herbs, and berries can be a very rewarding and satisfying experience, both economically, health-wise, and environmentally.

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