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Article: Garden furniture


Garden furniture

Garden furniture

Discover the strength of steel: Corten steel and galvanised steel in garden furniture and outdoor spaces.

When the sun starts to shine and the days get longer, we naturally turn our attention to our outdoor spaces. The aesthetics and functionality of our gardens and terraces become top priorities. In this context, garden furniture plays an important role, not only as an element of comfort, but also as an extension of our indoor living space outdoors. The choice of material for this furniture is crucial, and steel stands out as a superior choice.

Steel garden furniture offers the perfect balance between durability and design flexibility. This furniture requires minimal maintenance and can easily withstand both strong sunlight and heavy downpours, making it an ideal solution for the busy homeowner. With a wide range of designs from classic to contemporary, steel garden furniture can be easily adapted to suit any taste and outdoor decorating style.

Corten steel and galvanised steel: a world of possibilities

At byJEMA we appreciate the unique qualities that both Corten steel and galvanised steel bring to the table. Corten steel, known for its distinctive rust-coloured patina, develops a protective oxide layer that resists further corrosion, making it ideal for everything from garden furniture to planters. Galvanised steel, on the other hand, offers a modern and durable alternative that's perfect for adding a sophisticated touch to any outdoor environment.

galva bænksæt

More than just furniture

Steel garden furniture is an invitation to socialise and relax. It creates the perfect environment for family fun, friendly gatherings and quiet moments in the lap of nature. Combining durability, beauty and functionality, they transform your garden or patio into a living space that invites you to enjoy life's many moments.

At byJEMA we offer an exclusive range of garden furniture that combines aesthetics, functionality and durability. Our passion for the outdoors is reflected in our carefully selected materials, Corten steel and galvanised steel, which not only ensure a long life for each product, but also add a modern and stylish look to your garden or patio.

Robust design collection
Planters with a dynamic patina: carefully crafted to create vibrant green oases in your garden. With their robust appearance and naturally evolving patina, they offer an ideal blend of natural beauty and a touch of industrial design.

Fire pits and grills for outdoor entertaining: These are designed to be the centrepiece of your outdoor entertaining. Not only do they provide warmth and comfort on chilly evenings, but they also act as a focal point that encourages family and friends to socialise.
Benches and tables with character: Create an inviting outdoor dining area with our range of durable and stylish tables and benches. The uniquely selected materials create a rustic yet elegant look that complements any outdoor setting.

Smukt galvaniseret udekøkken og bålgrill

Modern elegance collection
Lounge sofas: For those with a penchant for contemporary design, we present our selection of lounge furniture. Combining comfort with a clean, minimalist look, these pieces are ideal for soaking up the sun.

Gas fire tables for a luxurious atmosphere: Add a touch of elegance to your outdoor space with our sophisticated gas fire tables. Perfect for extending cosy evenings outdoors, they add both warmth and visual appeal.

Decorative elements for a contemporary look: Our collection also includes a selection of decorative elements that can transform your outdoor space with stylish modern details that complement both the function and aesthetics of your outdoor living space.

Udendørs sofa LAZY lounge #4

Choosing garden furniture is an important decision for your home and your comfort. When you choose byJEMA's Corten steel or galvanised steel garden furniture, you're investing in much more than just furniture. These materials guarantee that your outdoor areas will remain attractive, functional and robust throughout the seasons. So if you're in the process of renovating your outdoor space, consider that steel garden furniture from byJEMA is a well-considered choice. Designed to enhance your outdoor space with their beauty and practicality, they promise to be a lasting addition for years to come.

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