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Article: Design ideas for your outdoor space

Indretning af uderum

Design ideas for your outdoor space

One og the most important element for us is that nature and the products must create a warm and cozy outdoor space, where there is room for a gathering place for friends and family as well as contemplation and presence. The outdoor space, the garden, the terrace, nature must give the desire to be in it.
Decor is important to create a cohesive outdoor space. Placing the planters can help provide cover for the wind, curious glances or as a beautiful green image in front of your terrace.

plantekasser med hæk

Our selection of materials can create a good interaction between the house's architecture and materials, which gives a feeling of harmony and coherence between house and outdoor space. We have in our assortment several options to extend the season on the terrace with live fire and the option to use the terrace longer.

røde sedum

The Scandinavian weather can be erratic at times, so time on the terrace and garden must be used and enjoyed. The oasis where you can plant your favorite herbs, flower beds, hedges to cover, grasses to achieve the feeling of zen with the rippling tones. Nature has become even more of an opportunity to fill up the energy tank, and this must be implemented in your outdoor space. 

...But - how do you do that?

Here is some suggestions, what you could do:

  • Put soft pillows and blankets in the LAZY lounge sofa, it invites for socializing and cosiness.
  • Choose furniture which is weather resistant and does not require maintenance, you will get the desired time to enjoy.
  • Fire, whether it's bonfire grill, bonfire or gas fireplace table. Extend the time on the terrace by getting the heat closer to you.
  • The benches are inviting you to take a break with a cup of tea, coffee or a bottle of water. Look at the kids play, enjoy the flowers you have planted or experience the birds' nesting.
  • Take advantage of the view and customize your plant boxes in height, so you see it that gives you value.
  • Plant delicious herbs in the raised bed and enjoy the scents.
  • Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries in plant boxes give the kids a desire and curiosity to explore and get the senses satisfied in the garden.
  • The colors of the plant boxes can help create a tranquility, depth and heat in the outdoor space, customize your plants' colors after the season.
  • Create space in the outdoorrooms. Shield parts of the terrace. Let your guests become curious in the areas and let them find their favorite spot.
  • The plant boxes can mark different areas of your terrace. Use them to make an outdoor kitchen area with herbs and vegetables. Or fragrant flower bed near your lounge area.
  • The outdoor kitchen creates a coziness and good mood. Everyone can be together and gather around the fragrant things prepared over open fire.
  • Find your own level, plant if necessary multi-year plants and grasses and enjoy them year after year without the big maintenance.
  • Framing with grass edges to create more manageable beds and a beautiful finish on the grass edge.
  • Break the lines, break the levels with plant boxes in different heights. Make it interesting to explore the garden.
  • Consider the flowering and blooming of seasons.
  • The height of the plant boxes can both provide shelter and calm or open space with a small shielding of the areas on the terrace.

Do not make these mistakes 😉

  • Remember that you do not have to acquire plant boxes and furniture for your outdoor space with the expectation that everything is ready for the first day of spring. Therefore, always plan well in advance.
  • Don't plant too late so you need to use the summer to keep your plants alive with watering non-stop.
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