"Materials and surfaces that can withstand years of outdoor use in the harsh Scandinavian climate"

At byJEMA we love delicious products that last for years.


Galvanized steel

Galvanized steel - or galva as we call it - is a well-known treatment of steel, where a zinc treatment makes the metal extra hardy and maintenance-free. All byJEMA galva products are made of hot-dip galvanized sheet, laser cut, bent and bolted together.

As the hot-galvanized surface is broken by laser cutting, some form of rust may occur in joints. You could say that approx. 1/3 part of the galvanizing is "pulled" through the cut and thus will be approx. 2/3 part bare steel remaining. Over time, this cut will develop some form of corrosion and get a darker color than the other sheet metal parts. Incidentally, in the same way that the galvanized surface over time, color changes from a shiny surface to a more matte surface. All byJEMA products, plant basins and steel benches, are designed with these cut in mind. Thus, the cuts are all uniform and tried to be saved via belly on the CUBY series, while in the EDGY series they are highlighted with a small cut line at the top and bottom of the corners.

Do not worry about the durability of galvanized steel plate. It is extremely durable in the harsh Scandinavian climate, and possibly Scratches - or the cut for that matter - have an ability to repair themselves as the zinc continues to develop a protective layer.

Occasionally, you may want to clean the galva plates with lukewarm water and a soft cloth or sponge. Never use detergent on the surface.

If the soil, sand and dirt have settled on the surface, it may be a good idea to clean the dirty sheets as there is a greater risk of white rust in dirty areas.

Tall beds, plant basins and galvanized steel outdoor furniture

Whether you plant in wood or steel beds makes no difference. The steel can give off some rust or zinc on the edge of the bed, but not something that is dangerous to either plants or soil.


Galvanized steel has for many years been the most widely used material for steel in outdoor environments. The glossy surface looks great for most architecture. We are proud that at JEMA we have a complete range of plant basins, plant boxes and galvanized steel beds.