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Design: EDGY and CUBY

"In architecture, as in life, it is the little details that make the biggest difference"

Our exclusive series of steel products, for outdoor use, is designed with the small details in mind. Solid materials, usability and simple shapes are pervasive elements in all we design. Our products must supplement and be part of modern life and architecture.


Edgy family

Edgy Geometry

Edgy is design high beds and accessories with edge for modern outdoor space.

Exciting and challenging designed with 45 degree edges that provide a unique geometric shape and can be put together in all directions. Only the imagination limits the outdoor spaces that can be created with edgy. As accessories are feet, wheels and benches in wood or metal.

Material: Corten steel or galvanized plate.

Plate thickness: 3 mm. Very powerful quality that can handle most.


Cuby family

Cuby Design Plant Box

Cuby is high beds and accessories in minimalist Scandinavian design.

Straight lines and straight angles make up a cubic plant box that fits everywhere. Can be stacked in layers or composed length or perpendicular. Only the imagination limits the outdoor spaces that can be created with cuby. As an accessory there is base plate, feet, wheels, bonfires and benches.

Cuby can be manufactured and delivered in special dimensions for project sales.

Material: Corten steel (rust) or hot galvanized plate.

Plate thickness: 2 mm. Heavy quality.