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High Bed Corten Steel Cuby and Edgy

Corten steel H.Eyes in Danish design and production for modern outdoor space.

Our high beds come in corten steel (rust look) and galvanized steel.

They can be purchased in Edgy or Cuby Design.

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They are modular and can be composed in optional lengths where you can Build on them with our side plates. If our standard models do not fit in for your project, you can contact us for a good offer on high beds for your particular garden project. Or try our special target calculator at the top of the page. 

Why choose a high bed?

You get raised the level from the grass and you get a better working height in your high bed. You can plant everything in your high bed in corten steel, vegetables, herbs and beautiful summer flowers. You minimize the weeds in your high bed. 

Always consider where to place your high bed, the plants should have full sun all day or are they fine with getting some shade. The soil in the high bed does not dry out as easily as the earth in the rest of the garden. The corten steel holds moisture and reduces evaporation.

In hot and dry weather, always be aware of getting the water plenty when the sun is not baking down on your plants. It gives a nice look with high beds in a row where you have a better overview of your prayers. 

Our high beds are made without bottom. The plants and rainwater can therefore better penetrate to the ground and avoid the soil rotting at the bottom. 

Which land should you choose for your High Beds?

When planting edible items such as vegetables and salad in high beds, it is important to choose a soil that is nutritious, well -drained and free of toxins and pollution. A good highbeds for edible plants can be made by mixing different types of soil and adding organic matter, such as compost or fertilizer.

You can also add other materials such as coconut fibers or perlite to improve drainage and air circulation in the soil. For example, a good soil mix for high beds may consist of a mixture of garden soil, compost and sand or perlite. You can also buy special highbeds in garden centers and nurseries that are composed for the purpose. These soils are often composed of different materials which give a good balance between nutrients, water and air.

It is important to avoid soil that is too heavy and clay as it can seal and prevent drainage. Conversely, one should not use too light soil that can dry out quickly and lose the nutrients.

It is also a good idea to examine the pH value of the soil and adjust it to the optimal level of the plants you want to grow. Most vegetables and salads thrive best in a soil with a pH between 6.0 and 7.5.

Finally, it may be a good idea to add fertilizer or other nutrients to the soil to make sure your plants get the necessary nutrients to grow and produce a good harvest. Natural fertilizer (e.g., high -beddy or compost) is often preferred as it releases nutrients slowly over time and helps to build the soil's health and fertility in the long term.

Read more about choices and land here

What is Corten steel? 

Corten steel or the Cor-TEN If we need to use the right term is a type of steel that rusts quickly in the surface, but has a slower penetration than, for example, soft steel. One can thus say that the rust layer prevents the material from rusting. CThus, orthe steel can last outdoors for decades - completely maintenance -free.

When we process the material at our factory, the material is similar to ordinary black steel. On delivery, the steel is still black, but after a few weeks of outdoor location - depending on the season - the rust layer will slowly emerge. If you are impatient, the process can be accelerated by once washing followed by salt water spray.

When placing on tiles or wood, the substrate must be protected for the first time from rust markings, as the rust in the rain will drip down the substrate. This subsides after a few months, but we always recommend paying attention.

The beautiful red color gradually changes with the weeks, months and years, and you can therefore experience your products change color.

High -beds, plant basins and outdoor fixtures in corten steel

Whether you plant in wood or steel beds makes no difference. The steel can give off a bit of rust at the edge of the bed, but not something that is dangerous for neither plants nor soil.

A walk in the world's largest cities and latest neighborhoods shows a great trend in the design of outdoor areas. Maintenance -free elements in raw steel look -corten steel. Where we have seen rust in the past as a problem and something to be hidden with paint, we now experience the red color as trendy, welcoming and warm. The red rust color in its look and experience is very similar to wood, but with better properties in durability and maintenance. Rusty iron look - corten steel - is the very hot material of the time. At Byjema we love the Corten look!

Selection of model?

We have 2 different models in our high beds in corten steel.

Cuby are high beds and accessories in minimalist Scandinavian design.

Straight lines and straight angles make up a cubic plant box that fits everywhere. Can be stacked in layers or composed length or perpendicular. Only the imagination limits the outdoor spaces that can be created with cuby. As an accessory there is base plate, feet, wheels, bonfires and benches.

Material: Corten steel (rust) or hot galvanized plate.

Plate thickness: 2 mm. Heavy quality.

Edgy Is design high beds and accessories with edge for modern outdoor space.

Exciting and challenging designed with 45 degree edges that provide a unique geometric shape and can be put together in all directions. Only the imagination limits the outdoor spaces that can be created with edgy. As accessories are feet, wheels and benches in wood or metal.

Material: Corten steel or galvanized plate.

Plate thickness: 3 mm. Very powerful quality that can handle most.

Maintenance -free highbeds from Byjema who have an expected life of +20 years. 

You have the opportunity to get on Special goals here. 


High -beds in corten steel are a popular and stylish way of growing plants.

Corten steel is a type of steel designed to rust and form a protective rust surface that provides a unique and natural aesthetic. Highbeds in corten steel can be a good choice if you want to add a visual element to your garden while creating a practical area for growing plants.

When it comes to choosing plants for your high bed in corten steel, the options are almost unlimited. You can plant everything from vegetables and herbs to flowers and shrubs. It is important to choose plants that fit the soil in your area and which thrive in the amount of sun and shade that the high bed will receive.

When it comes to maintenance of highbeds in corten steel, there is not much to do. The rusty appearance requires no paint or further treatment as the rust acts as a natural protection against additional rust. However, make sure you keep the high bed free of weeds and add the required amount of water and fertilizer so that your plants thrive.

If you want a high bed in corten steel, it is important to choose a size and shape that fits your garden and your plants. You can choose to build your own high bed in corten steel or buy a ready -made one. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that a highbed in corten steel will add a unique and stylish element to your garden, while providing a practical solution for growing plants.