Good advice when to plant in your garden - Danish climate

When to plant.

In order for your plants to get the most optimal growth conditions and opportunities to take root, it is good to consider when to plant.

Here we will try to give an overview of when it is good for example to sprout and when it is best to plant out in the garden.


  • Evergreen shrubs are best planted in August/September so that they do not risk drying out. Water all the evergreen all year (also winter) if the soil seems dry. They don't go to sleep.
  • Set onions are set early in April. Average temperature should preferably be over 7 degrees.


  • Summer flowers, dahlia and gladiolus do not withstand frost, therefore they should first be planted out from mid -May.
  • Strawberries are planted in July, August. Then you are guaranteed a good strawberry harvest the following year.
  • Planting of vegetables that are sprouted.
  • Beans (horse beans), carrots, tuber fennel, kale can be planted in mid -May.
  • Ordinary green bush beans in early June.


  • Roses are planted from September to December
  • New spring onions such as winter gap, tulip and daffodils are the best in September/October.
  • Hedge is best planted in the fall.
  • Fruit trees have the opportunity to take roots and have damp soil around them.
  • Rhondendron is gladly planted in the fall


  • Deciduous trees (ie bushes that lose leaves) should preferably be planted from November to April.


  • Perennials are best planted in April/May or September/October. Flowering should only be for the fall as the roots grow slowly during flowering.
  • Perennial herbs can be planted throughout the year. Always ensure watering during the growing season.


Use high-beds or non-contaminated soil to plant your plants in.

Water only in the morning or evening when the sun is not sharpest.

So on rows at a good distance.

Use organic fertilizer, natural fertilizer or compost. – og husk med gødning: lidt, men ofte.