Bonfire - making memories together.

Bonfires is a popular outdoor activity that can create cozy and memorable moments.

It is important to remember that bonfires must be used with caution and respect for nature. In this blog we will describe a little about the rules of bonfires in the wild, bonfire activities and why one should have a bonfire in your garden.

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Rules around bonfires in nature:
Before you light up the bonfire, it is important to know the rules to light bonfires in the wild. If you want to light bonfires in a forest or other public area, it is important to investigate the local rules.

There are often rules about where you can light bonfires and whether you should have permission from the municipality or other authorities.
Remember to light bonfires in a way that respects nature and minimizes the risk of fires. It is important to place the fire on a stone or grassy surface that is free of dry leaves and branches. Keep the fire under control by keeping it small and not leaving it unattended.

What rules apply to bonfires/bonfires in the garden?

If you are planning to build a campfire in the garden, you should investigate with the municipality whether it is allowed to have bonfires in the garden. Most municipalities do not allow bonfires in detached house gardens.

If it is allowed in your municipality to have a campfire in the garden, there are a number of rules you should get into before you start. There is a restriction on where you can light bonfires and how big the fire must be.
According to Burning Order Investigation must not be "significant disadvantage to the surroundings, including road and air traffic".

If you live in dense buildings, it may be a good idea to talk to your neighbors before you light up. It can be a great nuisance when the smoke drives over the neighbor's grounds.
Among other things, for neighboring reasons, it is not allowed to burn garden waste in urban zones or in cottage areas. When making bonfires in the garden, for the same reason, make sure to use dry wood as it smokes less than damp wood and garden waste. The Emergency Management Agency has made a guide to how great distances should be between open fire and buildings, etc. They are described below.
It is allowed in most municipalities in the country to have a bonfire in the garden Sankthans Eve. But there may be requirements for sizes, distances, and what must be burned, so look at your municipality's website.

Read more about the rules of Smaller and large bonfires here.

Bonfire in the garden

Security by bonfire making in the garden


It is important to always have a large bucket of water within easy reach if the fire should spread to dry grass or the like. The water can also be used to turn off any glow on sticks that have been used around the fire and should the damage occur, the water can be used to relieve burns.

The water can also be used to turn off the last glow properly, so you are sure that the fire can't flare up again when you leave it.

Bonfire making

  • Always use only clean and dry wood. Painted and pressure -impregnated wood must not be burned on the fire as it gives off both smoke and ash, which are toxic and environmentally harmful. Moist wood will also give a lot of smoke.
  • Never use garden waste. Garden waste develops heavy smoke and is also illegal to burn in urban areas and cottage areas.
  • Turn on with briquettes or newsprint.
  • Never use ignition fluid or gasoline.
  • Turn on with the large pieces of burn at the bottom and the tan at the top. It's like in a stove. It gives a higher temperature faster and you avoid a lot of smoke.

Security when children are present around the fire

It is especially important to think about safety when children are present around open fire.

  • Make simple and clear appointments with the children about what they must and must not do, how close they have to get on the fire and whether they have to burn.
  • No races. Agree that there is no run around the campfire and that the children must generally sit still around the open fire.
  • Think about the children's attire. Synthetic clothing can ignite at the slightest spark, so it is a good idea to avoid nylon jackets.
  • Long cords, very fluttering clothes and other things that can easily ignite is also a bad combination with bonfires.

When you have finished using the fire, make sure to turn it off completely by pouring water over the fire and spreading the ash out until cooled. Never let the fire burn out or leave it unattended.

Bonfire activities:
Bonfire Can be used for many different activities. One of the most popular activities is to gather around the fire and talk or sing songs.

Bonfires can also be used for cooking, either by grilling meat and vegetables or by cooking individual dishes such as snow bread and pancakes. You can purchase barbecue plate and grate here
Bonfires can also be used to heat an outdoor party. If you are holding a party or event outdoors, a bonfire dish can help keep guests warm and cozy.

In addition to bonfires, we also have bonfires with benches where there is room for the whole family around. See more here.

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