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3 tips for creating a lounge on the terrace

Summer is upon us and it's time to enjoy the long, bright days and warm evenings on the terrace. To help you create the perfect outdoor lounge, we're sharing our top 3 tips for creating a patio lounge.

1. Choose the right lounge furniture

To create an inviting and comfortable lounge, it's important to choose the right furniture. Look for furniture that is both stylish and functional. Soft, upholstered sofas in weatherproof materials are ideal. Combine with a lounge table for drinks and snacks, as well as some cosy cushions and blankets for extra comfort.

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2. Screen off / create space with planter boxes

To create an intimate and cosy atmosphere, you can use planter boxes as natural screens. Fill them with lush plants, flowers or small shrubs to create a green oasis. Planter boxes can also act as room dividers, creating different zones on the terrace to create a relaxing lounge area.

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3. Fire for cosiness

Nothing creates cosiness like a fire. Consider adding a lounge table with a gas fireplace or a fire pit to your terrace. It not only provides warmth on chilly evenings, but also beautiful light and atmosphere. From modern gas fireplaces to classic fire pits, there are many stylish and safe solutions to suit any patio.

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With these tips, you're well on your way to creating a cosy lounge on your terrace where you can enjoy summer to the fullest. We wish you a fantastic summer!

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