Pizzadough recipe


For 6 pizzas

1 kg Manitoba or Tipo 00 flour

600 grams of cool water

1 gram of dry yeast

30 grams of salt


Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl.

Start at low speed until all the flour is mixed with the water.

Set the machine to medium speed for 8-10 minutes. Set the dough aside for 2 hours.

Divide the pizza dough into 6 pieces and form balls out of them. Place them in a proofing basket, container, or plate and cover with plastic wrap.

Place the dough balls in the refrigerator overnight. Take the pizza dough out 4-6 hours before use 😊

Tip - The dough can be frozen.

Prepare the BBQ Fire Pit grill:

It's a good idea to use an infrared thermometer here.

Use sticks/pieces of wood that are approximately 5x5 cm.

  1. Start your BBQ Fire Pit grill well in advance, ideally 1-1.5 hours before you want to make the pizzas.

  2. Your pizza plate should be heated up to 300+ degrees.

  3. Place the stick vertically behind your pizza oven to get proper top heat.

Pizza på bålgrill


Rotate your pizza frequently to avoid it from becoming black. Ideally for 30-45 seconds.

Tip - if you don't think the bottom of your pizza is cooked enough, you can place it on the baking tray next to the pizza insert.

Færdig pizza
Recipe by Martin Handgaard
(instagram: Handgaard_BBQ)